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This one bedroom apartment now has a spare bed in the living room. What a great space saver in a smaller apartment.



Do you have a holiday house? This is a set up in a beach studio, perfect for when extras want to stay.

Do you need storage space? This is the design for you! A wall bed and cabinetry project with plenty of storage and we can also do shaker style doors.

This room is actually a rumpus room, packed away there is plenty of room to play! Our wall beds suit almost all rooms in the house.

We built this entire fit out – a Queen wall bed and custom cabinetry. A modern and clean look in white, a classic choice.

A perfect solution for a rumpus room, a queen size bed with plenty of storage.

Our King single bed size is very popular. If you love a bit of colour, please chat to us, we can provide some bold colours such as this awesome red.

This bed was installed in a health facility for the overnight staff. Additional storage was a key requirement.

A 2 pac paint with a 3 tier pelmet along the top.

This bed was installed into a self contained cabana next to the swimming pool. A handy spot for guests.

Glass shelving with lights in the side cabinets can make quite an impression.

Don’t like handles? These painted drawers have finger pulls running along the top of them thus eliminating the need for handles.


We build custom cabinetry and laminates have come a long way over the last few years. This timber laminate is very popular and cost effective.

We replaced an old wardrobe with a much more useful wall bed. We made the bed 600 deep to fill the space which allowed us to have a shelf above the headboard for all the bed side bits and bobs.

We can build a bookcase next to your wall bed at a custom depth, so you don’t “lose” your books. This one is 300 deep.


Great open space on both sides of this wall bed project. It’s an ideal spot for a bed side lamp, or whatever you like to store next to you!


This is multi-purpose at its best! This is a spare room and with the bed closed there is plenty of room for a study.


Our cabinetry is fully customisable – we can create shaker doors in any pattern you want.


Our wall beds can be built into existing wardrobes. Because of the extra depth of the bed cabinet we added a shelf above the headboard for storage.


This is our gloss finish- looks fantastic in modern study / spare rooms.


If you don’t want handles we can create finger pulls up the top instead!


Need to work around an air con? No worries! This bed just fitted under an air conditioning duct and the timber finish inside the bed cabinet adds to the appearance.


These doors are stylish and a favourite with our customers. This bed is one of our side tilt beds which leaves a very handy shelf on top.


Our beds can be full built in if required.

The Ghan (train) Platinum service has used our hardware system extensively. They built all of their joinery to suit their needs. By day the carriage is a lounge and at night the bed is lowered and sits above the sofa.


1 bedroom house however the customer needed an extra bed for the occasional visitor without having a spare bed in the lounge. The customer also requested cabinetry to be built next to the wallbed.

One of our very popular configuration! To the right of the bed is a Robe with a bed side table and 2 drawers. To the left is a great size desk with drawers and overhead cupboards. The joinery is a combination of 2 pac paint as well as timber veneer.

Our customer wanted to incorporate a small wine fridge as well as storage in his rumpus room. The finish is timber veneer.

Our client had additional space between the cabinetry and the wall so we customised the cabinetry to go from wall to wall. This utilised all the available space and eliminated any unnecessary gaps.

This customer required storage as well the wallbed. They also requested doors to go over the storage units. We designed the side cabinets wider to go from wall to wall.

A customer wanted a guest bed in a 1 TV room. After installing the double wall bed there is plenty of space in the living room.

This was a rumpus room where the client wanted extra beds for when the kids friends stay over. When the bed is not in use there is plenty of room for other activities.

This room had an awkward 45 degree corner wall where a fire place used to be. The customer decided to fill the space will a wall bed and decided on a contrasting colour against the plain walls.

Our beds are 403mm deep which is not deep enough for a wardrobe. For this customer, we designed the wardrobe 600mm and left the bed at 403mm. This meant that the bed didn’t encroach into the room when it is down. To the right of the bed is a small desk with bookcases above.

Our client wanted a mix of Laminate with a splash of Timber Veneer to break down the starkness. As well as a small desk with cupboards above there is a storage cabinet as well as a bookcase. This created a very smart use of  space in a very small room.

If you are after a “chunky” look we can make the sides of the bed thicker as well as making the desk top thicker. Multiple colours can be very effective.

Did you know that our beds can be folded up fully made (including doona and pillows).

There are some amazing Laminates available. Gone are the days when Laminate looks like Melamine/Formica.

As our cabinetry is all custom made, your only limit is your imagination. Side cabinets can be made to any depth and don’t need to be the same depth as the bed.

If the square look is not your style, we can add curves, also a moulded pelmet.

A great rumpus room addition. The side cabinets were 600mm deep so we made the bed the same depth. This resulted in a shelf being fitted above the headboard.  

Timber Veneer used in a home under construction.

Timber veneer with one side cabinet. We styled the unit by adding a pelmet along the top.

Our client did not want tall cabinetry beside the bed, so we customised matching bed side tables with drawers for them.

The dark cabinetry added a nice splash of colour in this study.


Prior to installing this unit, the client painted the wall a feature colour. The rest of the room had white walls. The client wanted a little timber Laminate to break the cabinetry up.

This is a timber look Laminate at one of our displays in Melbourne.

We just managed to fit a bed into a space that was formerly a cupboard. Above the bed we inserted 2 small cabinets.

Another example of breaking the solid Lamiante look up with a touch of timber

We installed a number of beds in this high rise development. The client wanted 2 wardrobes with mirror doors as well as a desk. We made the bed deeper than standard so that it lined up with the wardrobes.

If you want a wood grain style, you don’t need to go to the expense of timber veneer. Red Cherry laminate is a very popular finish.


High gloss 2 pac paint is a very popular finish.

All our cabinets are custom built which means we can build to whatever size you want.  Here we added a pelmet along the top.

We like the look of the woodrain laminate combined with the off white doors.

This is a king size bed that we did in a rumpus room of a holiday home.

Our beds were used extensively in studio apartments in a high rise development. This helped create a spacious living area when he bed was folded up.

The customer had a window which they didn’t want covered so we built an angled unit for the right-hand side. Putting cupboards above a side tilt bed is always popular.

This wallbed was installed into the reading room of an older home. We made shaker doors for the bed to help match the other doors in the house. It was then hand painted by the client.

The top of side tilt beds are lower than vertical beds, they lend themselves to having cabinetry built on top of them. Be it shelves or cupboards, we can do it.

A king single side tilt in a study. As well as the overhead book cases there are 2 cabinets at the far end. When the bed is down it doesn’t encroach too much into the study.

A queen side tilt with plenty of bookcases around it.

While in Sydney undergoing a major refit we installed 2 beds on the super yacht Pangaea for additional staff accommodation.

A side tilt being used to maximise space in a small apartment

A single side tilt bed by itself. The top of the bed makes for an ideal shelf for books/ornamintes.

Timber veneer certainly gives the bed a rich look. In this example, the bed was made deeper to match the side cabinets leaving room for shelving inside the bed cabinet.

This is a gloss laminate finish. The back wall of the room is visible when the bed is open so the client opted for a contrasting colour inside the bed cabinet.

All of our cabinetry is custom built so your only limit is your imagination.

There is enough room inside the bed cabinet to hang a picture or a mirror as well as store your pillows and doona.

A studio apartment where our client asked us to supply the bed, robe and drawers.

Here gloss laminate is being used. Laminate has come a long way in recent years.

Our client required 2 single beds and a storage cupboard for their beach house for when the kids have friends to stay.

A stand alone single bed.

Cabinetry doesn’t need to be the same height or depth. You design it and we will build it.

A small study that required a bed, desk and storage. Plenty of room when the bed is closed.