Flex Wall Beds

Flex Wall Beds

The Flex wall Beds are a free standing unit that can be anchored to either the wall via the skirting or the floor. They are a cost effective way of putting a wallbed in an existing cupboard. The Flex wall beds can be supplied as flat packs which allows you to assemble them yourself or we can assemble them for you. If you don’t have a spare cupboard to house one of these they can be put into a room with no cabinetry or you can build your own cabinet around them. Manufactured in China these Flex wall beds also come with a 5 year warranty.


This Wall Bed is very easy to install & does not require any cabinetry. It can be installed inside an existing cupboard / wardrobe or left as is. The Flex Bed Frame system attaches to the base of the wall ensuring solid stability and features an automated leg system that extends when lowering the bed to the floor.

Simple and effective, the Flex Bed offers a versatile alternative for clients requiring comfortable sleeping arrangements on an economical budget.


  1,500 wide x 2,180 high x 380 deep
 protrusion into room when open 2,285
 Price: $1,100