Side Tilt Wall Beds


The ultimate in discrete and space saving design;this wall bed tilts horizontally offering a significantly reduced room penetration. As with all other beds, the Side -tilt folds away ready made so you don’t even know its there.

Our Side Tilt range comes in the following sizes :

  • Single
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen

The Side -Tilt’s are not as high as Vertical wall beds so they can lend themselves to having a bookcase or cabinetry on top of them. You can also have cabinetry beside them.


Basic dimensions for side -tilt wall bed using aluminium frame.

Width A Height B Depth C Protrusion* D
Single 2032 1202 403 1245
King Single 2159 1285 403 1330
Double 2032 1583 403 1626
Queen 2159 1735 403 1778

*Protrusion into room from wall. Distance from floor to top of mattress 470mm.