Building beyond the bed

Why include cabinetry?

Tiltaway Beds are completely customizable and allow you to get the most from your space. The clever use of cabinetry can provide an additional space-saving solution that frees the room up for something other than just sleeping. Tiltaway Beds can transform blank spaces into home theatre’s, craft rooms, offices, gyms, games rooms, recreation rooms and guest suites. Purchasing a Tiltaway Bed complete with supporting cabinetry is like adding an extra room to your home.

Cabinetry options

We have a number of popular cabinets that can be made specifically for your room, however if you have something specific in mind please contact us and we can see how best to accommodate your needs.

  • Cabinetry is available in melamine, timber veneer, painted, vinal wrap or unpainted
  • All structural components are manufactured using 18 mm board
  • State-of-the-art machinery ensures a precision engineered product
  • Easy connector fitting hardware technology is used in fastening the components together, requiring only a few basic hand tools
  • Bed mechanism is designed exclusively for our proven Patented Elite Aluminium Bed Frame (ABF) which provides fingertip operation
  • All our cabinets are easily mounted at the top to your wall
  • No bolting-to-the-floor required.

Need inspiration? View our gallery of wallbeds that not only maximise space but look great too.