Tilt-Away Beds come in 2 models: the Vertical Wall Bed and the Side-Tilt Wall Bed. Our beds are designed to be versatile, so any model will help you get more from your favourite spaces. Many customers find the Vertical Wall Bed to be perfect for transforming a spare bedroom into a work office. If you want an even more space-efficient solution, the Side-Tilt Wall Bed lets you discretely hide a spare bed in a small space, ready to pull out when the grandkids come over. Check out our range for more details, or try our beds yourself at one of our Display Sites.

Absolutely! Unlike sofa beds and futons, Tiltaway Beds do not require any folding mattresses, so you are sleeping on a quality mattress without the bars and lumps associated with sofa beds and futons.
No, our price includes installation, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you are a handyperson you can save money by installing the bed yourself, but most of our customers prefer to have us do the installation.
Yes you certainly can, in most situations the pillows will also stay in place.
Our wall beds are very easy to operate. Our spring-loaded mechanisms ensure effortless opening and closing. The mechanisms are counter balanced to prevent your bed from unexpectedly falling. You can raise or lower your wall bed with just one finger! This is perhaps another reason why they are very popular in Retirement Villages.
The operation of your wall bed is important as it affects its ease of operation and durability. Our beds operate with springs as opposed to gas struts. Gas struts tend to lose pressure over time and this can make the bed very heavy to lift and dangerous.
Our wall bed frames are made from Aluminium which results in a high quality long lasting wall bed. Aluminium frames are lighter and stronger than other inferior frames such as those made from steel.
We only source premium quality infrastructure for our Wall Beds. Our lifting mechanism is made in Germany and the rest of the hardware is made in Canada. All of our cabinetry is made to order here in Australia.
We provide a 15 year warranty on our main range (ie Vertical Wall Beds and Side-Tilt Beds).
Tilt-Away beds are guaranteed to hold up to 600kg.
Yes, the bed is easily movable and you can take it with you. However, we often find that a Tilt-Away Bed in a property is a strong selling point. Sometimes leaving a Tilt-Away Bed in a property is all it takes to clinch a sale.
Our beds are designed to take a normal mattress. We can arrange a quality mattress for you, or you can supply your own. Our beds will accommodate a mattress up to 25cm thick, or if you opt for our extended leg model you can have a mattress up to 30cm thick. We recommend Innerspring NOT Latex mattress’s. Latex tends to be too heavy and generally isn’t rigid enough to be stored in the upright position.