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Wall beds available in all standard mattress sizes, Tiltaway wall beds boast a world-class mechanism system that is counter-balanced and spring-loaded, ensuring they can be easily folded away regardless of your age, height or build. Barely 25mm thick per side, the sleek wall bed mechanisms are easy to install, maintenance free and proven to be one of the most reliable systems on the market, with more than 100,000 of our mechanisms in use worldwide. Our system operates with springs rather than gas struts as springs have proven to outlast gas struts. Our mechanisms are complimented with a strong yet lightweight aluminium bed frame that can support over 600kgs of weight and is barely visible once the wall bed is made up. All mechanisms are sold complete with a 15-year warranty.

Tiltaway Beds fold away completely made with linen and pillows and are an ideal solution for residential, commercial and hotel/resort builds, or wherever space is a premium.

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I recently had Chris install a bed in our spare room so I could convert it to an office. The service, attention to detail and end product cannot be faulted. I am beyond happy with how it turned out and would not hesitate to recommend Tiltaway. As well as all that Chris is nice guy and pleasure to deal with!
Nicole West
We have just installed a Tiltaway wall bed in our new apartment. The second bedroom is quite small. We want to use it as a study but also to have a bed available for grandchildren and occasional visitors. This bed seems the ideal solution. When it is folded up (a very simple operation), the room feels spacious, far more than it would with a sofa bed. And, in our experience, a proper mattress is more comfortable than even an expensive sofa bed. This option is also many times less expensive than a third bedroom would have been.Chris of Tiltaway responded promptly to our call, visited the apartment, measured and advised us on options. Soon after, he delivered the components and installed the bed himself in a few hours. It works beautifully and looks attractive as a slim cupboard. He was efficient, pleasant and considerate. It is an enormous advantage to have the manufacturer install the bed. We had previously purchased another wall bed for our country cabin. It arrived in a huge and very heavy carton with instructions which were supposed to be suitable for any ‘reasonably handy’ person. We realised immediately that we couldn’t possibly handle the installation, given its complexity, and hired a local handyman. He was competent but had no experience with these beds, so the work took most of a day and was not satisfactory, in contrast to the result with Tiltaway. We recommend this product very highly.
Gabrielle Baldwin
Anyone looking for a fold away bed should certainly hire Chris from Tilt Away Beds. The end result is absolutely fantastic. He was great with from start to finish. We installed a wall to wall solution in our study with filing cabinet, shelving, cupboard and a queen size bed. His advice along the way and great communication meant we got exactly what we wanted. Completely custom made with excellent attention to detail and finish. Well done Chris and thank you.
Sal Dianne
We love our tilt a way bed in our new house, which is a study and quest room.The study is so spacious with the bed up.
Lynne Seaburn Rowe
Fantastic service from Chris and the finished product is brilliant. Love it - so happy I went with this option.
Christine Oakley
We just had Chris install a full wall cabinetry and Queen bed. We needed to fit an extra bed and storage into our small home with our family growing. Chris was awesome throughout the process from the design to the final finishing touches. Highly recommend. Great product and service. Thanks Chris!
Nick Unsworth
Just had a complete wall solution installed to create a pseudo 2nd bedroom in my flat, comprising bed, wardrobe and shelving. Result is fantastic, Chris' service, communication, reliability all fantastic. Absolutely thrilled with the result, has created so much more room and flexibility. Many thanks!
Josie Nilsson
Our daughter was due to visit from Canada. I contacted Chris with my request for an urgent delivery. Not only was he able to expedite the delivery, but drove up to Castlemaine and installed it. I call that customer service! Thanks Chris. It looks crisp and clean, is very easy to operate, is well made and comfortable. I would recommend tiltaway to anyone seeking a space saving bed.Stephen Hands
Scissor Hands
I'm super happy with our bed. It looks very smart, it tilts down really easily, and it's nice and comfy to sleep on. The storage is sweet and very customizable.
Luke Hunter
Just had ours installed today. Chris was fantastic he really went the extra mile. Great workman ship & service.
Shakila Wijenayake
We've had our bed for 5 years. It was the best thing we did during our renovation. So easy to fold down and up again for visitors in our family room.
Donna Morris
Stella Margiolis
Patrick Foley
Prue Fletcher
Maree Patterson
Naffa Fonmoa
A new bed in a small space - what a transformation. I would recommend this company which provides a very good product, excellent service and a competitive price. Thanks to Alan in Sydney for providing excellent service, advice and construction of a well designed unit. The mechanism on the bed is very easy to use. Strongly recommended.
Tracy Allan
Great customer service, great product! Thanks to the team at Tiltaway beds, can definitely recommend them!
PC Le Roux